Go Forth! Be a blessing!

The young man stood amongst the debris. Shattered torsos, crumbled arms, broken legs… clay and stone that moments before had posed as gods littered the ground. As his father’s footsteps echoed in the hall, he quickly planted a stick into the still hand of a large idol—the only one left standing. Avram’s father, Terah, returning to his shop, surveyed his decimated inventory and cried out, “Who did this to them?” His son answered, “A woman brought a grain offering for the idols, and they argued about who would eat first. Then the largest got up, took the stick and shattered them all!” According to the midrash, Terah bellowed, “What nonsense are you telling me—are they then conscious?” Avram rh

Shomrim: Our Brothers' Keepers

A bus is traveling from Bnai Brak to Jerusalem, nearly full, mostly with Chassidim. At the last stop, a scantily clad young woman boards the bus and finds a seat next to one of the Chassidim. Clearly uncomfortable, he squirms for a while and then reaches into his knapsack and hands the woman an apple. “What’s this?” she asks. “An apple.” “I can see its an apple. But why did you give it to me?” “Because after Eve ate the apple, she realized that she was naked.” The next morning, the young woman again boards the same bus making the same run to Jerusalem. Having taken the none-too-subtle hint, this time she’s more modestly dressed and she finds a seat right next to the same Chassid. After a few

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