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For Our Visitors...


Here is some information about our services which will aid you as your prepare for a visit:

ATTIRE: As in most synagogues attire at our services reflects our concern to honor the Sabbath and the Torah. Men wear suit jackets and ties or at least adhere to a business casual standard. Women wear dresses, skirts, or dress slacks.

TIME: Services begin promptly at 10am and are two hour.

KIPPOT: We expect all men to wear kippot (head coverings)

during services. This practice is optional for women. Kippot

are provided at the facility but you may bring your own if

you like.

TALLIT: Jewish men and women may also wear a tallit (prayer

shawl). We ask that guests who are not Jewish refrain from

wearing a tallit as this ritual garment symbolizes Israel's unique

relationship with God.

EAST: There are times during the service when the congregation will suddenly turn to the left. No, we're not meshuganah (crazy).  We're turning towards the site of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.  It just so happens that in our building, the sanctuary faces south so we have to turn to the left.

If you arrive 15 minutes early, one of our members happily will orient you to our liturgy.  We welcome you to our services and hope that you will enjoy your time with us!



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