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Shabbat School

We provide child-care for ages six-months to pre-school, and hold Shabbat school classes for school-aged children up through their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. From kindergarten up, our children study Hebrew, learn to read, write and practice conversational Hebrew. They lead the congregation each week in the Kiddush liturgy.  Learn more

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training

Our goal at CZA is to prepare your child for his or her bar/bat mitzvah in way that further builds their Jewish identity, love for Mashiach, commitment to congregational life and to God. Therefore, we strive to prepare each student with more than just the skills needed for the actual service. Learn more

Youth Group - Torah Ninjas

CZA's youth group is called the Torah Ninjas. Their focus is to have fun and build relationships while studying Torah (Hebrew Bible), Besorah (New Covenant Scriptures), and Jewish heritage.  

Learn more

Adult Enrichment

We offer several adult learning opportunities including a Talmud study group, a women's group currently studying Mussar (Jewish ethics), and an adult Hebrew class. Contact us directly for more details.  Learn more

L'dor VaDor, from generation to generation
we endevour to pass on our love for Torah,
our love for Mashiach, and our love for tradition.
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