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Adult Enrichment

We offer several adult learning opportunities including a Talmud study group, a women's group currently studying Mussar (Jewish ethics), and an adult Hebrew class. Contact us directly for more details.


We also support, promote and highly recommend the classes, programs, and materials available from these fine institutions:


Messianic Jewish Theological Institute


MJTI is serving the Messianic Jewish movement and the wider community by providing graduate education opportunities in Messianic Judaism within the context of Jewish history and spirituality.


The New School for Jewish Studies


The New School for Jewish Studies is an online school offering short and long-term study of the Tanach and the writings of Chazal, the sages of early Judaism.


The Set Table


The Set Table is a newsletter containing thought-provoking and interesting information about the Torah, Messiah, and the life of the Messianic Jewish community.  Although designed to facilitate discussion around your Shabbat table, you will find this fascinating periodical a welcome conversation facilitator at any time.


If you are interested in receiving a complimentary copy, send a blank e-mail to and follow the instructions you receive.


Kesher Journal


Kesher is a journal of Messianic Judaism.  Its purpose is to provide a forum for professionals and laity to address issues – both theological and practical – that face contemporary Messianic Judaism.

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