Cast Away so we can be a Blessing: A Sermon for Parashat Massei

What are the important things in your life? What is it that you pursue? Are you an idolater? Are you bowing down to false gods? Parasha Massei specifically admonishes us against this practice. Let me bring you up to speed. The Israelites have made it out of Egypt and through their 40 years of wandering. They are standing on the doorstep of Ca-naan, ready to go in and take the land. Before they do, Moshe reminds them of their recent history. Then in Bamidbar 33:50-56, Moshe gives HaShem’s specific instructions for entering the land. The Israelites are to dispossess all the inhabitants, destroy their idols and high places, take possession and apportion the land. If they fail to dispo

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